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DCamp update

A little more than two weeks to go and DCamp will be here! More than 85 of the usual and unusual suspects are signed up to attend so far, which is what will make the event a unique experience!

We still need sponsors for food and for a temporary network, so please sign up on the DCamp Sponsors page, if you can help. Alternatively, you can contact me or Rashmi directly for more info.

There’s still time to sign up to attend and present. Don’t delay — sign up today!


join us at DCamp — May 12-13th in Palo Alto!

Hooray! The DCamp wiki opened this week, so the event is moving into full swing now! In the spirit of BarCamp, DCamp is an unconference focusing on the Design and Development of the user experience. The price is right (free, with a suggested donation of $10), so sign up and join in on the fun!

Participants make an unconference successful. All attendees of an unconference participate in one way or another — presenting, volunteering, etc. Do you have something you want to share? Go to the Presenters page to sign up!

Sponsors make an unconference possible. High-speed internet access and food are currently the big needs. If your company is interested in sponsoring DCamp, you can sign up on the Sponsors page.

We’re looking forward to a great event. Hope to see you there! The DCamp wiki will be the main hub for communications, so be sure to check there for all of the latest updates!

jaw-dropping user experiences

There’s nothing like a circus to take you back to the childlike wonder and awe of amazing acts that seem to defy reality. And, there’s no jaw-dropping experience that compares to a cirque circus. We went to Cirque du Soleil (Corteo) on Friday and I think my jaw hit the ground so many times that my chin may need a band-aid! But seriously, anyone who has been to a cirque show can tell you that it is not a show that can be adequately described with words, but must be experienced in person.

This got me thinking about “jaw-dropping user experiences.” What examples of jaw-dropping user experiences do we have with respect to software, devices, or internet applications? I.e., experiences that bring childlike wonder and joy, those that suspend disbelief, or those that transform the way we do things? I think most start-ups believe that they have found a holy grail of some form or another. For some new ideas, the “aha!” moment for the user is immediate, for others, it takes time. But, for the ultimate jaw-dropping ideas, it takes a first-hand experience. Take Apple’s iPod nano, for example. Seeing it on the website brought on a “looks cool” for me. Seeing it on tv made me think that Apple must really be trying to market these things. But, seeing it in person in the Apple Store was the “wow, what’s not to like?” moment for me. The nano was the first mp3 device to defy the expected ratio of features to size — thereby changing our view of reality and what’s possible. For me, Yahoo Instant Search was another great experience for me, while services like did not really start to shine until they had enough critical mass to leverage the social network effect and advantage.

How about you? What jaw-dropping user experiences have you had?