mini blogging

Longer than a tweet to twitter, but shorter than a traditional blog article, the idea of “mini blogging” may be the sweet spot that I can actually keep up with here. We’ll see how it goes. If I fail to add new news here, you can always see my tweets in the side bar or view my periodic blog posts to the Kodak Thousand Words blog.


2 responses to “mini blogging

  1. Hmm, looks like you’ve been more successful with tweeting than mini blogging. :^)

    I also looked at some of your Kodak posts and would have commented on your bees item, except comments were closed. Remember the bees in the house in Norvell? The memory of that didn’t make you want them taking up residence in your current house?? :^)

    • hi Tricia! I guess you noticed I’m not very good at responding to comments either! 😉 I just finally pushed the post I wrote back in May and might even write another post this week.

      The bee experience was interesting and educational, but a little stressful! Do you guys have anything growing on the farm this year? We’re growing tomatoes, squash, eggplant and various herbs. Despite my gallant efforts, the squash seems to be getting enjoyed by some critter more than humans, though there’s hope we still might get to enjoy some more before the end of summer. Our nectarine tree actually produced fruit for the first time this year too — not too many, but very sweet!

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