how I spent my…

Alas, it has been quite sometime since my last post. Here’s a short summary of what’s been keeping me from writing here…

How I spent my summer… in somewhat of a “what were we thinking?!” move, we actually installed our own roof on our house. I’ll add some pics soon, but by the end of August, we essentially had our “hooray we have a roof!” moment…. It’s a good thing it is a 50-year roof!

How we spent September… we quickly installed windows over Labor Day weekend and have moved on to stucco’ing. Someday soon, we will be officially “water tight”!

How I spent the last week of September and the first three weeks of October…I am actually on jury duty for the first time. By orders of the judge, I can’t say anything about it until it is all over, but suffice it to say, I am getting an extended real-life lesson about our judicial system.

More entries coming soon!


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