Evernote is awesome!

I’ve been using Microsoft OneNote as my digital notebook at work for more than two years now and I like it a lot. It’s great for organizing project notes, linking to documents, collecting urls, etc. Recently, I started looking for a mac-based digital notebook and discovered Evernote. I’ve only been using Evernote for a short time, but I’ve already discovered several features that I love about it:

  • cross-platform support: web, desktop, mobile (including iPhone and iPad) — awesome!
  • auto-sync: write once, read anywhere
  • iPhone goodies — click to dial, click to map (though mapping could be more automated)

So what’s the big deal? What’s really great (to me) is that I can do research on the web, take some notes, type in info from a regular keyboard and then access it all when I need it from my mobile. Here are a couple of sample scenarios:

  • Save recipes, make grocery shopping easier: ever get to the grocery store and can’t remember what ingredients you need to try a new recipe? Type the recipe (or copy from a webpage) into Evernote, and you can easily access it from your mobile while you’re at the grocery store!
  • Save retail store info, make it easier to visit a store on-the-go: during our remodel, I would do lots of research on the web and then drive around to look at different stores. E.g., find good tile places in my area and then go visit them. By saving them all in Evernote, I can access them on my phone, click to dial, check out their website, or just drop by a store if I happen to be in the area. No more paging through a physical notebook or printed pages — I always have my cell phone with me!

Need more ideas about how to use Evernote to make your life easier? Check out their suggestions here and on their blog.

btw, I’m not the only one who thinks Evernote is awesome. They’ve already reached 3 million users, and they also just won a Webby Award for Best Mobile App. Thanks Evernote — you rock!


mini blogging

Longer than a tweet to twitter, but shorter than a traditional blog article, the idea of “mini blogging” may be the sweet spot that I can actually keep up with here. We’ll see how it goes. If I fail to add new news here, you can always see my tweets in the side bar or view my periodic blog posts to the Kodak Thousand Words blog.

handmade christmas ornaments with photos

handmade christmas ornaments

Last week, I posted to the Kodak blog a brief how-to on making handmade christmas ornaments with photos. You can check it out here.

Blogging for Kodak

As of September 14th, 2006, I have been blogging for Kodak’s A Thousand Words blog. There are several Kodak employees contributing to this blog, so I will only be posting once every three weeks. So far I have two posts, which you can check out here. Different people are focusing on different topics, but I will mostly focus my posts on tips and projects. If you have any suggestions, comments or feedback related to the Kodak blog, feel free to leave them in the comments!

how I spent my…

Alas, it has been quite sometime since my last post. Here’s a short summary of what’s been keeping me from writing here…

How I spent my summer… in somewhat of a “what were we thinking?!” move, we actually installed our own roof on our house. I’ll add some pics soon, but by the end of August, we essentially had our “hooray we have a roof!” moment…. It’s a good thing it is a 50-year roof!

How we spent September… we quickly installed windows over Labor Day weekend and have moved on to stucco’ing. Someday soon, we will be officially “water tight”!

How I spent the last week of September and the first three weeks of October…I am actually on jury duty for the first time. By orders of the judge, I can’t say anything about it until it is all over, but suffice it to say, I am getting an extended real-life lesson about our judicial system.

More entries coming soon!

DCamp update

A little more than two weeks to go and DCamp will be here! More than 85 of the usual and unusual suspects are signed up to attend so far, which is what will make the event a unique experience!

We still need sponsors for food and for a temporary network, so please sign up on the DCamp Sponsors page, if you can help. Alternatively, you can contact me or Rashmi directly for more info.

There’s still time to sign up to attend and present. Don’t delay — sign up today!

BayCHI Panel on Social Search

Rashmi has organized a great line-up for the BayCHI panel on Tuesday evening (April 11): Beyond Search: Social and Personal Ways of Finding Information. The panelists include Neil Hunt from Netflix, David Porter from Live365, Tom Conrad from Pandora, Kevin Rose from Digg, and Joshua Schachter from del.icio.us. It should be an excellent panel and discussion for all who attend. Wish I could be there too, but alas, I will be in Rochester. I’ll look forward to the podcast, which should be posted within a few days after the talk here.